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Takacat Canada

Permatrim Plate

Permatrim Plate

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Lift the power and performance of your Takacat’s gas-powered outboard motor with a Permatrim Hydrofoil.

The catamaran design with a single, centralized outboard lends itself to ventilation on higher power outboards. This is more prevalent in the shorter models, but can be brought out on any of the Takacat boats.

We have a remedy to this problem by way of another New Zealand product—Permatrim. This foil plate bolts to the cav plate (the little tongue that sticks out over the propeller) and does a good job of fixing cavitation issues. It also helps get the boat on plane quicker and easier, and reduces splashing from the transom when underway.

Fitment Guide:

  • M3 fits 2.5 HP Outboards (All Modern Makes & Models)
  • M4 fits 4 - 6 HP Outboards (All Modern Makes & Models)
  • M5 fits 8 - 30 HP Outboards (All Modern Makes & Models)
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